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Yes, Immigrants SHOULD Assimilate Into American Culture – Why? Because It’s Better

Tom Brokaw apologized after calling Republicans racists and saying Hispanic immigrants should better assimilate into American culture. Well…he apologized to the immigrants, at least. Werbeanzeigen

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Dems Say Trump’s Wall Is a ‘Waste of Taxpayer Money’ – But They Spent $52M On CHIMP HOUSING

Here’s why this argument is so hilarious: the U.S. government wastes our money all the time, every single day. In fact, here are just a few things they spend our money on in just the past several years. __________________________ About: … Weiterlesen

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Cashing Out: Germany’s Ready to PAY Migrants to Leave


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Border Patrol Agents Speak Up: ‘Walls Work’

President Donald Trump was joined by members of border patrols unions at the White House Thursday. The members spoke out in favor of building a border wall and in support of keeping government shutdown in order to negotiate funding for … Weiterlesen

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Woanders gelesen: Die herbeigesehnte Attacke

Monatelang gab es nur von Übergriffen und Anschlägen von ins Land „Geflüchteten“ zu berichten. Wenn man denn berichtete oder berichten wollte. Endlich hat sich nun einer von denen, „die schon länger hier leben“ – ein Deutscher – erbarmt, der beinahe … Weiterlesen

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If You Storm Our Border and Assault Our Agents, You’re Not An Immigrant – You’re An INVADER

This week, the media will plaster the airwaves with one photo of a Hispanic mom and her two kids running away from tear gas at the U.S. border. What they won’t show you are the all videos of migrants violating … Weiterlesen

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Les Brigandes – Hilf Frankreich („Aidez la France“)  

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