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Johnny Cash/Joan Baez ‚The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down‘

A collection of old Civil War photos. A picture slideshow timed to Joan Baez’s „The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,“ meant to be used as a hook or Intro to the Civil War or Reconstruction in U.S. History classes. … Weiterlesen

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The Media Praise Hamas and Defend MS-13, And They Wonder Why We Call Them Fake News?

The American media fell all over themselves to praise Hamas terrorists and defend MS-13 gangbangers, and they flat-out lied in order to do it. And then they wonder why anybody would call them fake news.

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Anti-NRA’ Hollywood Gives a Standing O to a Film About Shooting Kids and Mutilating Their Bodies

You know, it’s a little hard to buy all of Hollywood’s sympathy for kids who get shot and your outrage against the NRA when they’re so busy giving standing ovations to movies about kids getting shot to death and their … Weiterlesen

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Johnny Cash – God Bless Robert E. Lee

This song of Johnny Cash’s was released in 1983 in the album Johnny 99. Lyrics: When Robert E Lee surrended the Confederacy Jefferson Davis was upset about it He said how dare that man resent an order Form the president … Weiterlesen

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Obama Talks About ‚Facts‘ and ‚Values,‘ But His Lies Tell The Truth

During a conference on Monday in San Diego, former president Barack Obama vaguely called out the Trump administration for not upholding the values that we hold dear in the U.S. Obama also takes a moment to talk about facts, and … Weiterlesen

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Woanders gelesen: USA warnen China vor Raketen auf umstrittenen künstlichen Inseln

Anti-Schiffs, Luftverteidigungsraketen auf Außenposten installiert Jason Ditz Das Weiße Haus hat eine Erklärung herausgegeben, in der es gegen die „Militarisierung des Südchinesischen Meeres“ am Donnerstag nach der Installation von Raketen in mehreren chinesischen Verteidigungsanlagen in der Region protestiert. Sowohl Anti-Schiffs- … Weiterlesen

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I Pray Anyway (original folk rock song)


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