The unbombed city of Cologne

The animations halfway of the video belong to affeninsel4711, I did not make them:… Since his account seems to be dead, I thought it´s a good idea to spread his beautiful shoutout for rebuilding the beauty of old Cologne. I am sure he is on my side with this, if not let me know affeninsel! This video is not meant as an excuse for anything Germany did in WW2, I just describe what happened (which is my own editing). I am a huge supporter of city reconstructions and hope you think the same way. That doesn´t mean I am entirely against modern buildings, but I am against dead and ugly building sins. This German article on this topic might interest you as well:…

Über Gerhard Bauer

Sechziger aus dem Südosten Bayerns, gebürtiger Niederbayer. Bayer mit Leib und Seele. Ehemaliger treuer CSU-Wähler. Freizeitbeschäftigung: Lesen, Radeln, Garteln und Fischen. E-Post: bayern71 (at)
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